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Yangshan deep water port phase iv opens today

The date of:2017-12-17 browse:5289

        After nearly 3 years of hard construction and 18 months of detailed and comprehensive equipment and system debugging, Shanghai yangshan no.4 automation wharf officially opened for trial production on December 10.
        As a major construction project in Shanghai in 2017, yangshan iv port opening attracted worldwide attention for the port and shipping industry. The completion and operation of Shanghai port marks a milestone in the operation mode and technology application of China's port industry. It also provides a new driving force for Shanghai port to consolidate its position as the world's first port in terms of handling capacity of container cargo and to accelerate its standing among the forefront of world shipping centers.
        Bold and innovative design ideas
        Yangshan iv adopts the construction plan of fully automated container terminal. Compared with the traditional container terminal, its innovative development concept and higher technical content are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Its scale ranks the first in the world: yangshan iv phase covers a total land area of 2.23 million square meters, with 7 container berths and a total length of 2,350 meters of shoreline of the container terminals. The designed annual passing capacity is 4 million twenty-foot equivalent units in the initial stage and 6.3 million twenty-foot equivalent units in the future. It is unprecedented for such a large automated terminal to be built and put into operation at one time.
At present, the first batch of 10 bridge cranes, 40 track cranes and 50 automatic guided vehicles (agvs) that have been debugged will be put into trial production at the port. According to the planning, 26 bridge cranes, 120 track cranes and 130 agvs will be equipped in the fourth phase of yangshan.
        Clever yard layout: compared with one to three phase four phase of yard area is much smaller, across port scheme using automation, production line and the vertical layout and high density after stacking method is adopted to greatly improve the utilization of land and deepwater coastline resources, implements the containers in the harbor of minimising the transportation distance.
Overall improvement of production and operation environment: adopt the dock handling operation “ Remote control double trolley container bridge crane + automatic guide truck + automatic control rail gantry crane ” The production scheme, remote control allows the driver to control the bridge crane and track crane through the remote operation platform in the office; The automatic guided vehicle makes horizontal transportation at the wharf front unmanned. Production control system for ship and yard plan, stowage plan, production plan, etc all by the system automatically generated, significantly reduced the dock each link of human resource cost, realize the terminal operation from the automation and intelligence of traditional labor-intensive to revolutionary change, can provide 24-hour all-weather, efficient, green and safe service.
        Pioneering diversified yard operation interaction patterns: yangshan phase iv of automated yard handling equipment adopting cantilever, single cantilever, double cantilever three rail crane, no cantilever box and belt cantilever box interval hybrid layout, rich device type bring diverse interactive mode, the mobility and flexibility of on-site increases greatly, at present this model is unique in the global automation terminal.
        A smart brain and a green heart
        Among the more than 40 automated wharfs that have been built or are under construction around the world, yangshan iv, which gathers numerous advanced technologies, can be called. A quo quo; . The most advanced equipment automation technology: yangshan iv adopts automatic loading and unloading equipment purchased from Shanghai zhenhua heavy industry co., LTD. The three types of machines involved in the whole loading and unloading process are all made in China. The 10 bridge cranes to be put into production in the fourth phase of yangshan, with the maximum load of 65 tons, adopt the design of double trolley + transit platform, which can disassemble and assemble the container lock knob automatically. Yangshan iv lithium battery driven automatic guidance vehicle adopts the most cutting-edge technology today. In addition to unmanned driving, automatic navigation, path optimization, active obstacle avoidance, it also supports self-fault diagnosis, self-power monitoring and other functions. Automatic stacking technology is adopted for the track cranes working in the yard area. The container relay operation can be carried out in the same yard area under the automatic dispatch of the system.
        Independent research and development and the highest degree of intelligence: yangshan iv adopts the intelligent production management control system (TOS) of the fully automated wharf independently developed by Shanghai port group, which is the brand new wharf. Throughout the brain &; . TOS system has now covered all the business links of the automated wharf, connecting all the big data information platforms of Shanghai port. Combined with the actual characteristics of the loading and unloading equipment of yangshan phase iv, the platform of instruction scheduling architecture was innovated and developed. Through the equipment scheduling module and the collaborative process control system, the dock field production was organized with high efficiency.
Zero emissions of green port: yangshan phase iv use of bridge cranes, hoists orbit, AGV adopt electric drive, port loading and unloading, transport and loading and unloading link completely eliminate emissions, environmental noise is improved significantly, at the same time, loading and unloading of optimization and the adoption of energy feedback technology, further reduce the energy consumption index of wharf, yangshan phase iv of loading and unloading of the production design of comparable energy consumption was only 1.58 tce/ten thousand tons of throughput, to reach the domestic advanced level. The application of the second-generation port ship shore-based power supply, energy-saving new light source, water network system remote degree flowmeter, office building area power monitoring system, solar auxiliary heating and other technologies has brought the energy utilization efficiency of yangshan phase iv to a new level.
        Now that these innovative and practical designs have been turned from blueprints into reality, the world's largest automated dock is poised to show its incredible capabilities and extraordinary qualities.