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The concept and mode of logistics system

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According to the general concept and characteristics of the system we introduced, as well as the role and characteristics of logistics in the overview of logistics, it can be seen that logistics activities must be studied in a systematic theory and method, so as to better play the role of logistics in the national economy and realize the macroeconomic and microeconomic benefits of logistics activities.

Logistics system is composed of various elements of logistics. There are organic relations among the elements and it has a comprehensive function of overall rationalization of logistics. Logistics system is a subsystem or a part of the social and economic system. Specifically, the logistic system is refers to in a certain amount of time and space, the need of logistics operation products, packaging equipment, loading and unloading handling machinery, transport, storage facilities, transportation roads, circulation processing and waste recycling facilities such as material, energy, personnel, and communication network (information) several dynamic interaction, mutual dependence and restriction factors of, packaging, handling, transport, storage storage, circulation processing, waste recycling, and intelligence information collection, processing, sorting, and other functions of organic whole, and in the whole national economic system environment.

2.Logistics system model

In the field of circulation, logistics process can be regarded as a process system of interaction and interdependence of various logistics elements from production through circulation to consumption. In the field of production, logistics process is an investment and output system that continuously inputs raw materials, machinery and equipment, and labor force, and then processes them to meet social needs. In terms of each link of the logistics process, it is also a system of investment and output. Each link must absorb certain energy and resources (human, financial and material) from the external environment, and invest them in the form of input. After conversion processing, certain products or services are directly or indirectly produced, and then provided to the outside world in the form of output to meet some social needs.

Therefore, the logistics system is still a cycle that continuously inputs human elements from the environment and continuously outputs products or services after conversion processing. This is the basic mode of the logistics system.