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Common problems


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1. There are multiple methods for EMS to query mail:

(1) call EMS customer service number: local area code +11185.

(2) please visit www.ems.com.cn for details. When you inquire the international EMS mail, you can also enter the relevant countries and regions through the inquiry link.

(3)EMS email SMS query service, please enter the SMS query in www.ems.com.cn for the usage method.

(4) log in the EMS website to enter the user's message, and provide the email number and recipient's specific address in the message. We will help you query, and tell you the query result when you reply the message.

(5) in the case of multiple unsuccessful inquiries, the sender should hold the EMS mail detail sheet (the sender keeps the copy) and the receipt to the post office where you deliver the EMS mail for inquiry.

2. EMS email number:

EMS mail number, a total of 13, including two in front of the English letters, the first letter "E" is for the postal express delivery of the abbreviations, the second letter is a serial number (e.g., EA, EB, ED, etc.), the meaning of the last two letters CN on behalf of the Chinese, among the nine for the Arabic numerals, only mail number is complete, correct, just can find the information to the mail.

3, EMS mail has been sent but no information on the Internet how to do?

When you can't find the email information on EMS website, please tell us in the user's message. Please provide the EMS email number and the recipient's specific address accurately and completely. We will help you query and reply to your query result as soon as possible.

4. Time for EMS mail information query:

The period of validity for EMS mail acceptance inquiry is: four months from the date of mailing.

The delivery information of EMS mail can only be found on the Internet after relevant links are processed. Generally speaking, you can find the information about the transmission and processing of the mail within four hours after it is sent.

5, how to query the CT prefix number express?

When you query CTXXXXXXXXXCN email can be found at http://www.tnt.com.cn/lit/.

6. What if the copy of signature is required?

All postal EMS business offices accept users' mail inquiries free of charge. However, if the customer requires to provide the recipient's signature and receipt, please go directly to the receiving post office to handle the inquiry, and according to the provisions of each should pay a special inquiry processing fee of 3 yuan.