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The relevant knowledge

Air freight, air freight notes

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1. When consignors are required to accept consignments, they shall present their resident identity CARDS or other valid identification documents, fill in domestic consignments, and submit necessary documents and information to the carriers or their agents for the consignments.

2. The shipper shall also provide a letter of introduction or other valid certificate if requested by the carrier or his agent.

3. Valid certificates shall be attached to the consigned articles restricted by the government and the goods that need to go through formalities with the public security, quarantine and other relevant government departments.

4. The weight, volume, packing and marking of the goods consigned by the shipper shall comply with the relevant provisions of the carrier and shall comply with the laws and regulations of the state.

5. Articles, dangerous articles, valuables, confidential documents and materials, cash and other items prohibited or restricted by the government shall not be carried in the goods

6, a consignment of goods only limited to a shipper consigned to a place, a consignee of goods. The same consignment certificate cannot be used to consign goods in the following circumstances:

A) different transport conditions;

B) goods at different rates;

C) the nature of the goods conflicts.

The consignment book should be listed in the content of the goods, the quantity and packaging of the goods.

7. The machine agent of the carrier shall carry out security inspection on all the goods received or transported or take other measures to ensure the transportation. All the goods installed within 24 hours after the receipt of the goods shall be subject to unpacking inspection or through the detection of security instruments.

8. The carrier shall, when deemed necessary, unpack and inspect the consigned goods and documents, but shall not be obliged to do so.

9. Valid certificate for cargo transportation:

A) purchase invoice of the goods;

B) quarantine certificate of the goods to be quarantined;

C) the approval certificate and transportation certificate of the restricted goods transport;

D) technical description of chemicals provided by the production department. Magnetic objects shall be degaussed or have anti-magnetic measures

10. Receiving restrictions:

A) goods prohibited by the state from being transported shall not be accepted;

B) goods subject to quarantine inspection shall not be accepted without a quarantine certificate;

C) transport of dangerous goods is prohibited on all passenger and cargo flights;

D) super-large and overweight goods without suitable models for transport shall not be accepted;

E) if the package of goods is not suitable for air transport, it will not be accepted temporarily;

Goods limited in transport shall not be accepted without a certificate of approval or a transport transport certificate