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Bonded warehouse what characteristics!

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  Bonded warehouse is one of the most widely used forms in the bonded system, which refers to the special warehouse for storing bonded goods approved by the customs.


 Practical application of bonded warehouse


       Bonded warehouse is usually combined with export supervision warehouse, generally bonded warehouse and export supervision warehouse combined, collectively known as; Two storehouses, namely one out and one in. Bonded warehouse is mainly used in processing trade enterprises, processing trade enterprises in the application of the concept of bonded is very rich, there are five main processing bonded mode, one is generally said; Two outside mode, that is, raw materials and finished products are abroad, processing in China; 2 it is; Two internal mode, namely raw materials and finished products are in the domestic, of course, the processing is also in the domestic, but the source is processing trade companies; Three is bonded domestic sales, four non - export protection, five is commissioned processing. As for bonded warehouse, the scope of limitation is very small, one is mainly used for import, two is not allowed to flow in the warehouse processing, three is limited warehouse capacity, four is involved in the scope is relatively narrow.


       The significance of the establishment of bonded warehouses :


       Conducive to promoting foreign trade


In the process of international trade, it takes a long time from inquiry and contract signing to the transportation of goods. In order to shorten the trade cycle and reduce the impact of price fluctuations in the international market, the goods should be transported to the domestic port and stored in the bonded warehouse in advance, so that the goods can be put into use as soon as possible. Also can deposit goods bonded warehouse first, wait for price maturity to enter the market again.


       It is beneficial to improve the use efficiency of imported raw materials


The use of bonded warehouses can unify the import of raw materials that need to be imported, coordinate them with each other, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce import prices, and improve economic benefits.


       Conducive to the development of a variety of trade methods


        Develop export-oriented economy, use bonded warehouse to suspend the payment of tariffs and other preferential conditions, develop a variety of trade methods, such as processing; Conducive to expanding exports and increasing foreign exchange earnings; Still can use the price difference in price change, begin entrepot trade.


       It is conducive to strengthening customs supervision


       Flexible and varied along with the trade way, the difficulty of the customs tariff collection work in higher and higher, bonded warehouse, customs officers can be coordinated with the power of warehouse management personnel management, the mainly formulate various management systems, the bonded warehouse, implement supervision and administration of cancel after verification, and implements the key spot check for processing and cancel after verification, to prevent the emergence of sale in domestic market behavior. Customs supervision has been strengthened and procedures simplified.


       Is conducive to promoting the development of the national economy


       Engaged in foreign trade enterprises use bonded warehouse, can give full play to the efficiency of the warehouse, to carry out a series of related businesses, such as customs declaration, loading and unloading, and transportation, allowing processing, sorting, repair, transit, insurance, product maintenance, etc., make foreign trade, warehousing gradually developed into a comprehensive, multi-functional commodity circulation center, at the same time of promoting the development of the national foreign trade and encourage their economies into the international economic system, promotes the development of national economy.