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Machinery import agent

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      Galle international professional machinery and equipment import and export customs clearance agent, complete agent import and export qualifications, can fully agent the import and export of machinery and equipment by air, sea, express way, rich experience in machinery and equipment import and export customs clearance agent, to obtain a good reputation inside and outside the industry.

When purchasing production lines and other large production equipment and assembly lines from foreign countries, the following matters shall be noted during import declaration:


1. declaration elements

Determine the product name, brand, model, use, principle, power, etc., provide the packing list prepared, declare the quantity, weight, volume, value of goods, etc., and mark the parts packed in wooden boxes, so as to avoid missing the goods in customs inspection.


2. Import process

1. Reasonably examine import materials, inquire customs supervision conditions, collect complete documents, estimate import taxes and fees, and avoid import risks;

2. Pay attention to the packaging of goods, provide accurate packing list, pack valuables and spare parts in wooden boxes, make labels, so as to facilitate the customs inspection count the quantity, check the function and use.

3. Import inspection declaration: submit the import record number, inspection certificate and entrustment inspection declaration agreement to commodity inspection, perform necessary sanitation and disinfection to commodity inspection, examine and verify whether the declaration is consistent with the real goods, and issue one-way customs declaration;

4. Import declaration: be present in advance to cooperate with the customs to inspect the goods, and deal with the inspection problems flexibly; If the customs questions the declared price, it shall submit the foreign exchange payment voucher, insurance policy and other documents to prove the authenticity and rationality of the declaration, and actively negotiate the customs value with the assessor.


3. Matters needing attention

1. Arrange CQC in Hong Kong for the import of old equipment, and try not to pack them in wooden cases.

2. Truthfully declare the price, quantity and use of new equipment and production line imports. Do not mix or carry goods.

3. Fumigation treatment of imported equipment wood packaging materials;

4. Appraise the old and new degree of the old equipment, prepare the proof materials of value of goods, and reasonably strive for tariff preferences for customers to reduce the import cost of enterprises

Import business