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Hardware import agent

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Galle international professional hardware accessories import customs clearance agent, complete agent import and export qualifications, can fully agent the import and export of hardware accessories by air, sea, express way, rich experience in hardware accessories import customs clearance agent, to obtain good reputation in and outside the industry.

一:Hardware accessories import declaration process:
1、The enterprise provides the following information: instrument name, customs code, picture, weight, volume, specification, brand, value packaging, function and use, power, voltage, design principle, etc;
2、Confirm the foreign delivery method: sea, air, express, generally recommend the choice of air way;
3、Determine the import port, if the instrument needs to provide 3C certification, it is recommended to choose Hong Kong for import customs clearance;
4、It is suggested to choose ports with high import clearance efficiency instead of instruments with 3C certification. The import efficiency of ports can be shown as follows: simple bill examination standard, whether goods are transferred from the port for legal inspection, fast price examination, how many of the same products are imported at ports, and the ability to deal with emergencies;
5、The enterprise shall deliver the goods to the selected port, start the inspection and customs declaration, and provide the following materials: packing list, contract, design principle, specification, pictures, bill of lading, etc;
6、Review the documents, review the price, tax release, send to the customer factory。

二、Hardware accessories and other related equipment import customs clearance agent
Import type: injection mold, hardware mold, mold blank and other manufacturing equipment, injection molding machine and other injection molding machine
Operation note: origin brand year model weight specification (strict procedures, full operation)
Service mode: full logistics distribution. A complete set of documents, commodity inspection, customs clearance, port disinfection treatment.
Provide professional letter of credit, T/T, or offshore D/P and other business supporting services such as trade finance and foreign exchange payment
Scope of application: private enterprises import international middlemen trade sole proprietorship for their own use

Import business