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Import business

Motor import agent

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  1. Galle international professional motor import customs clearance agent, complete import and export agency qualifications, can fully agent the motor equipment of air, sea, express way import and export business, rich experience in motor equipment import customs clearance agent, to obtain a good reputation inside and outside the industry.

    一. motor production line imported from foreign sources:

    1.Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong

    2.United States, Germany, Italy, Czech republic, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Mexico

    3.Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey

    二. Import routes:
    Import route A: Record online -- pre-shipment inspection and quarantine in the country of shipment -- (automatic import license) -- maritime import -- import port -- import customs clearance -- tax payment -- inspection -- customs clearance -- delivery company

    Import route B: online filing of used mechanical and electrical equipment -- overseas shipment -- Hong Kong port -- China inspection warehouse -- inspection before shipment of used mechanical and electrical equipment -- (automatic import license) -- arranging barge shipping -- import port -- import customs clearance -- customs clearance -- delivery manufacturer

  2. 三、Three, the need for information:

    Please provide packing list, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, purchase and sales contract, machine condition statement, process sheet, bill of lading, power of attorney and related customs declaration and inspection materials.

    Details: product name/model/quantity/weight/specification/value of goods/place of origin/use/new situation/packaging method and mechanical photos, nameplate photo information.

    Motor production line import declaration port recommendation: Shanghai port, tianjin port, Qingdao port, ningbo port, Hong Kong, shenzhen (yantian, shekou), guangzhou (huangpu, nansha) and other major ports.

    四、The operating cycle:

    1、Pre-entry record for import declaration of motor production line: our company has completed the entry record for import of used mechanical and electrical products before shipment by the entry inspection and quarantine bureau. 1 day

    2、Pre-shipment inspection in the country of shipment: our company is responsible for pre-shipment inspection and quarantine, and the "import used mechanical and electrical products pre-shipment inspection and quarantine certificate". 7 days

    3、Overseas packing and transportation: arrange the pick up from the dock to the factory for packing, return the heavy boxes to the dock, and complete the declaration procedures of the exporting country. 2 days

    4、Automatic import license: apply for automatic import license. The automatic import license of the People's Republic of China is issued within 7 days

    5、Motor production line import declaration, import clearance: arrange import port to change the bill after the goods arrive at the port, galle international is responsible for import declaration/tax bill/inspection release/delivery. 5 days

Import business