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        Galle international has been providing one-stop FCL and LCL service for 10 years. According to the different needs of customers, through customized innovation, we provide customers with one-stop service of FCL and LCL for various industries, including door-to-door delivery, guaranteed transportation, safe packaging, customs clearance and other integrated services. Galle international maritime transport business maintains close cooperation with COSCO, CSCL, TSLINE, OOCL, CMA, MSC, MCC, PIL, KLINE, KMTC, MSK, HPL and other shipping companies and their agents to provide professional international maritime transport agency services.
provide:Storage, distribution and packaging serviceSTORAGE AND DISTRIBUTION PACKAGE SERVICE
The company has large warehouses in major port cities in the United States, which is convenient for customers to collect and distribute goods and spray fumigation for FCL or LCL exports.
provide:Land port serviceLAND TRANSPORT TO THE PORT
The company provides trailer service from pick up location to major ports in the United States, LCL for bulk cargo, FCL for FCL for general container, and series of customs vehicles.
provide:Import declaration and inspection serviceEXPORT CUSTOMS DECLARATION SERVICE
Fast agent for import and export declaration, commodity inspection, insurance, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate and a full set of all kinds of declaration certificates, safe and reliable.
professionalMarine import serviceMARINE EXPORT SERVICES
Our company has established good cooperative relations with CSCL, COSCO, OOCL, APL, MSC and other shipping companies. Our professional team will provide you with cargo shipping solutions.
Domestic customs clearance, tax payment and sorting of goodsCUSTOMS CLEARANCE AND SORTING OF GOODS
Provide automatic sorting machine equipment, domestic full set of customs clearance procedures, as well as booking delivery service, efficient service for you.
Delivery service to all parts of ChinaSEND TO DOOR SERVICE
Provide private residential and commercial area container trucks, special line trains, full load trucks, delivery services throughout China, so that you more worry.
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"We will provide you with the most efficient and safe international logistics service with professional, meticulous and careful service.

Import business